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The Ultimate Yoga for Healing

44 months ago By ChloƩ Silverman


As well as a Naturopath I am a yoga teacher and yoga therapist. Naturo Yoga was formulated after 12 years of practicing yoga myself and many frustrating years in Naturopathy clinic. I believe that each manifestation of disease has an emotional and vibrational component. During a Naturopathy consultation I am investigating medical history and systems of the body. Although I asses the emotional awareness I don't have time to give the emotional and energetic body the full attention that it deserves. I used to refer nearly every patient to an energetic body worker. However many of them wouldn't make the appointment. The symptoms of their disease states may dissapear but during times of stress when the immune system is compromised, symptoms would reappear. I decided it was time to go back to my roots in holistic therapies and incorporate an energetic practice with Naturopathy.

Naturo Yoga is fantastic at releasing stuck emotions. The body holds all information. Naturo Yoga helps emotions held in muscle memory to be released. Easily and freely, without attaching to "the story" of how they got there.

Naturo yoga is a beautiful blend of gentle hatha asanas (postures), sound healing with the use of gongs or mantras and powerfully rejuvenating yoga nidra.


Electro magnetic radiation and Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is Sanskrit for 'yogic sleep' or 'psychic sleep'. It is a technique from the Tantra Yoga tradition. The nidra state is similar to the state just before you fall asleep, it produces theta brain waves. We experience these brain waves much less than we used to because of interference with wifi and technology which stimulate alpha brain waves.

There is much supportive evidence to suggest that electro magnetic radiation is one of many reasons for the increase in insomnia, attention deficit disorder and the hundreds of conditions associated or worsened by over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system.

Theta brainwaves are deeply replenishing to the nervous system and being in the nidra state for just one hour a week can allow you to fast track healing with the least amount of effort

One hour of Yoga Nidra is known to be the equivalent of four hours of sleep.

This relaxed yet awake- state allows the autonomic nervous system the chance to rejuvenate.

This is key for stress management. It is a practice that creates a state of super consciousness allowing you to relax and heal your whole body.

Yoga Nidra expands imagination and enters the realm of super-consciousness to effectively manifest immense transformations in your physical, emotional and spiritual body.


It is so powerful that it is said to cleanse karmic debris in this life and past lives. Going back into the theta state can also clear social conditioning programmed before the age of 7. 


What to expect?

Everyone experiences yoga nidra differently, for some it encourages profound shifts with the awakening of kundalini energy. For some it is very visual and they find themselves journeying throughout the session. For others it is purely a deep state of relaxation. Like all spiritual practices, the more you practice the deeper you go.

Why is Yoga Nidra part of Naturo yoga?

Yoga nidra is deep embodiment and healing on every level. As a Naturopath I have a duty of care to treat the CAUSE of ill health, not just the symptoms. There is always an underlying emotional cause to physical manifestations of disease. Nidra addresses this directly without getting attached to "the story". Many disease states are triggered through over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and unmanaged stress. I have included Yoga Nidra in Naturo yoga because of its profound stabilizing effect on the nervous system but ultimately because yoga nidra is a tool, a tool that embodies you to be free.

Free from pain, free from unnecessary thoughts, free from self limiting beliefs.

Free to create your own reality.

One based on love and not fear.

One based on health and not hindrance.

Here's is a list of studies and references for the benefits of Yoga nidra:

Check out Naturo Yoga classes here:

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