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The gremlin that causes more obesity than sugar

35 months ago By Chloé Silverman

The world health organization (WHO) is supporting the UK’s decision to place a tax on sugar. This is great news for manufacturers. Not good news for the misinformed consumer or obesity rates. Manufacturers will increase the use of cheaper alternatives, artificial sweeteners. The gremlin that will cause more obesity related diseases and metabolic syndrome than any cane sugar derivative. You will find artifical sweetners lurking in diet coke, sweets, energy drinks and milk based products.

There’s scientific evidence to prove that artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar and fructose.

It scares me to think that we will see a rise in processed junk containing these artificial chemicals when the sugar tax is introduced. This is a perfect example of how we as a nation are conditioned to ignore the whole picture and instead focus on one part.

Coca-Cola recently said it aimed to double its spend on marketing Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero to raise the proportion of these sold in the UK to 50 per cent in 2020.


Missing the whole picture is a systemic problem in conventional health care. It can only be relieved through prevention focused, wholistic education that looks at the whole picture. In the case of the obesity epidemic a wholistic stance would be; free parental nutrition courses, school education, a reduction in marketing of fast foods and sugary drinks, exercise incentives, increased popularity of team sports and lifestyle implementations for preventative health. Nutritional therapists are doing a fantastic job at educating their clients in correct diet and lifestyle but unfortunately their efforts don't reach the masses. The NHS use Dieticians who are not wholistic in there approach and whose curriculm is largely swayed by Big Pharma. As well as controversial organisation such as The Heart Foundation, who granted MacDonalds meals with a "healthy" heart tick in 2015.  

Know your sugars. Stay away from refined sugar and processed foods.

Avoid these sugars

Aspartame (Equal, Spoonful, Canderel and Nutrasweet)

Linked to brain tumours and cancer. Found in the majority of processed junk. There will be a whole article dediated to aspartame coming soon. Stay posted for the studies proving the detrimental health risks of aspartame and exposure of its controversial marketing.


Very high in fructose which causes a peak in blood sugar levels that can lead to insulin resistance and later metabolic syndrome.

Sucralose (splenda)

There is a lack of evidence that negates the safety of sucralose -possibly because Splenda funded the majority of the trials which poses a huge conflict of interest. What we do know is that sucralose breaks down beneficial bacteria in the gut. Considering the gut holds 70% of the immune system it’s safe to conclude that the effect of consumption will be systemic detriment to health. 

Check out this brilliant video by Dr Mercola for a review of the evidence on Splenda

Stick with these healthier alternatives


This is a refined sweetener but with zero fructose. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol. Sugar is normally taken from the birch tree and combined with an alcohol molecule.  Slightly bitter taste, best to go with a liquid form.


Steviol glycosides make stevia one of the sweetest plants on the planet. In liquid form it is more palatable and without the bitter taste. It’s a great sugar alternative but also has a revitalizing effect on beta cells in the pancreas. Good news for diabetics!


Local honey that has been unadulterated has shown positive effects in immune health. Especially effective in reducing seasonal rhinoconjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis. Be aware that honeybees are disappearing in vast numbers due to pesticides sprayed on crops. Bees are a crucial necessity in our food supply. Support the planet through your individual choice to buy only non-GMO or organic food that doesn’t damage the bee population.

Molasses and date sugar are also great alternatives.



Check out Doctor Mercola’s book Sweet Deception for more studies.

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