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Got a cold? Think zinc.

35 months ago By ChloƩ Silverman

Squashes scream winter warmness. They are nutritive, warming and calming to the gut and the central nevous system. Filled with magnesium and B vitamins squashes reappear on my patients "eat more of" list every year. Delicious baked in the oven, thrown in a crock pot, boiled into a soup or smashed in a smoothie. Squashes and their seeds provide essential macro and micro nutrients such as zinc that will keep your skin illuminated all winter.

Here's an easy squash recipe: Roasted chunks of squash, with blanched almonds stuck in the top. Blend with a hit of yoghurt. Devour as a warm spread on toasted pitta bread, drizzle with fresh olive oil and a sprinkle of parsley.

Zinc and Immune Health

Seasonal eating is key to prevent ill health at this time of the year. The squash seeds are full of zinc, a micro nutrient essential for immune function. An annual cold in Autumn is normal and it boosts your immune health preparing your body with resilience to fight off other viruses over winter.

If you find a cold lurking for more than 4 days you may need some help to give it a kick with some extra zinc. Unfortunately zinc levels are not sufficient in the soil in many regions of Europe, making zinc a common nutritional deficiency. It can be supplemented easily and is especially great if you posess a constant cold or runny nose over winter. Zinc in the form of picollinate, 15mg twice a day is a therapeutic adult dose. Always get tested by a Naturopath.

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