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Naturo Retreats

Naturo Retreats, 'revitalise your soul'



Naturo Retreats are 3 and 6 day breaks of optimum nutrition, rejuvenating yoga, mind-expanding meditation, re-balancing energy work and calming massages. An international team of renowned practitioners and yoga instructors bring you a life transforming experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and vibrantly alive.



WHAT does it include? WHY Naturo Retreat? WHO Naturo Retreats? WHERE is Naturo Retreat? FAQs


Meet the team!

Chloé, Akiko, Sarah-Jane, Mango and the rest of the team at Naturo Retreat welcome you to enjoy a life-transforming fusion of Yoga, Holistic therapies and Naturopathic medicine.

Naturopathic medicine practitioner
Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman B.H.Sc. (Naturopathy), Clinical Nutritionist, Naturopath and Wellness Expert


Chloé's vibrant and truly caring persona reflects the philosophy of Naturo retreat. She guides you to health using nutritional, herbal and energetic medicine. Chloé also embraces fundamental philosophies from a number of holisitc modalities to help you experience life to the fullest. She believes that evidence based medicine although credible, isn't entirely effective for whole-body healing, so Chloé combines scientific and traditional medicine plus a spiritual practice for a wholistic approach.  Through her experience working on tour with elite musicians and her clinical practices in London and Ibiza, Chloé has become an expert at balancing the health implications of a busy lifestyle. Her aim is to enhance your lifestyle with vibrancy, vitality and long term happiness. Three personalised consultations, before, after and on retreat will leave you empowered with tools for health, long after the retreat has finished.

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Yoga and holistic therapies
Akiko Igarashi

Akiko: world recognised, yoga instructor, reiki master and founder of Shima Healing, Thailand


Akiko is a light hearted beautiful soul. She is a native of Hokkaido Japan, and the founder of Shima Healing. She has been a practitioner of Reiki, a dynamic Hatha yoga teacher and a life changing therapist to a range of prestige clients across the globe for over 10 years. Having been in the corporate world for 11 tears, Akiko understand the demands of a corporate life. She is in a pursuit to share the wisdom of the healing arts for personal empowerment through a teaching style that is very open and of course fun. 

You will find Akiko in Asia during winter and Europe/Turkey in the summer. In between, she is learning new skills, writing children’s books, or practicing just being. Most of all, she enjoys spending time in nature.

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Macrobiotic, raw foodist and Yoga therapist
Yogino Mango

Chef Yogini Mango: authentic, wild raw foodist and founder of Kairos Project, Mallorca


Margaux Zerbato (aka Chef Mango) has been there, done it, and worn the T-shirt when it comes to an organic lifestyle among the raw food culture. Mango, came ‘home’ to Spain after many enriching years living, studying and practicing yoga in India and Thailand. For the last 13 years Mango has adopted a raw food culture and she has submerged in exceptional training as a raw food chef and a diverse health coach. 

Mango prepares food with prana love and intent for increasing the intestinal flora and nourishing the soul. You will experience an array of fulfilling, vibrantly alive local fruits, vegetables, superfoods, grains and enriched oils, expertly designed to enhance health. Mango is a hilarious and beautifull lady with a wealth of health experience and knowledge that she is happy to share with guests. 

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What does Naturo Rejuvenation retreat include?

  • Naturopathic medicine consultation x 3. Including appointments pre and post retreat. These personalised indepth consultations assess your dietary and lifestyle needs for optimum wellbeing. The consultation will determine any nutritional deficiencies and include a prescription of herbal, nutritional and energetic medicine treatment . 

  • Calming and resorative Yoga classes, twice daily

  • Consciousness expanding daily meditation sessions

  • Meals and juices provided by expert Health food Chefs. Meal and juicing plans are specific to your Naturopathic health requirements as assessed in consultation pre-retreat. Delicious and nutritious!  Shared with other guests or enjoyed in the seclusion of your private terrace. 

  • Private luxury accommodation in Ibiza or Barcelona

  • A library of natural medicine and yoga books. 

  • Large swimming pool and many exquisite lounge areas.

  • Life-transforming naturopathy talks. 

  • 75-90 minute harmonising Reiki treatment or one on one yoga class. *

  • 1x one hour traditional massage (holistic therapies and additional massages available).

  • Optional sunset sailing excursion.*

  • Exceptional on-hand expert service. Practitioners stay on the grounds and will be available throughout the week for support.*

  • Luxury transport from local airport

  • Prices vary depending on accomodation style and retreat length. 3 days start at £1,449, 6 days start at £2,900.

* these apply to the 6 day (7 night) stay only


Why Naturo Retreat?

  •  You're on auto-pilot, life has become mundane.  It's time to connect with something deeper.  

  •  You're exhausted but can't switch off. It's time to recharge and boost vitality.

  • You've successfully achieved your goals but there is something missing. It's time to start living your true essence.

Book your spot today for a healthier, happier YOU!

International therapists and expert chefs have been uniquely chosen to create the perfect team for positive transformation.  Our practitioners radiate heart-centred authenticity, a beautiful energetic presence and brilliance in their field. Unlike many retreats that try to remedy a ‘quick fix’ approach that falls apart once you return home. We give you take home techniques for lasting results. 

Rejuvenate AND learn life tools to enhance your world with health, vibrancy and happiness.​


Who Naturo retreats?

  • Are you exhuasted and need more energy and motivation?
  • Are you struggling to manage weight and glow from the inside out?
  • Do you want to take control of your health and be free from disease?
  • Are you ready to reclaim your fun loving and vibrant side?

If you answered yes to any of the above then Naturo Rejuvenation Retreat is for YOU!


Naturo Rejuvenation Retreat is ideal for those who have high functioning and busy lifestyles 

You may be a frequent flyer, always on the go or you may be juggling many hats such as mother, caring daughter and full-time executive. In order to give everyone your best, you need to give yourself the very best! 

Complimenting a high performance lifestyle with a Naturo Retreat is the best way to sustain health or return to optimum health and keep burnout away. Those that are already in control of all aspects of their health will enjoy this retreat as a relaxing and mind-expanding wellness top up to enhance their lifestyle. 

'By taking a week out to nourish the mind, body and spirit you will noticibly see a difference in skin hydration, tone and elasticity. We make certain that you will leave the retreat glowing from the inside out!'

- Chloé, Naturopath/Nutritionist


Naturo Retreat is for those that want to take control of their health

Disease (dis-ease) literally means lack of flow, unease or disharmony. We believe that ill health has many facets and underlying causes. Illness may be a representation of a genetic predisposition initiated and fed by your environment. Illness may be triggered by trauma or be the result of years of suppressed emotions. Disease is likely a combination of all of the above. High functioning lifestyles, where day to day stress is not effectively managed may lead to unnecessarily complaints like insomnia, anxiety, infertility, PMS, slow metabolism, hair loss, skin complaints, digestive problems, lower back ache, head aches..

Using the combination of Naturopathy and yoga, these ailments are relieved to bring back a state of harmony. The ideal approach for those who are ready to facilitate deep healing, physically, mentally and spiritually.

‘Sometimes a disease appears to signal the end of the road, and other times it is a unique opportunity to change direction.’

- Chef Yogini Mango

‘If you lead a high functioning lifestyle you need to adapt a stress management technique to regulate hormones and metabolism. Yoga is perfect!

- Chloé, Naturopath/Nutritionist


Naturo Retreat provides a supportive healing environment for those experiencing life transitions 

Life transitions and traumas such as relationship break ups, change of living situation or the death of loved ones cause emotional pain.  Emotional pain impacts every part of our being and therefore needs nurturing holistically (adressing mind, body and spirit). Emotional pain that isn't given the chance to heal may be subject to re-opening or manifesting into other emotions, patterns of behaviour and disease later down the track. When pain from a loved ones death or the end of a relationship is grieved correctly, no matter how much time has passed, a feeling of peace is embodied and emotional balance is restored with more resilience. 

Taking time out from your normal routine, to simply 'just be', in a calm and supportive environment accelerates the natural processes of grieving and healing. Our naturopathic medicine, yoga and healing therapies help to facilitate healing and encourage deep transformation. 

‘Creating the right environment is more potent than any medicine: a good sleep, time in nature and lots of laughter are fundamental to health.’

- Chloé, Naturopath/Nutritionist



Where is Naturo Retreat?

Naturo retreat is held at true sanctuaries for the soul. Chloé has engaged much time and energy into finding the right locations in terms of energetics, healing spaces and luxury.

Currently there are two locations, one in Sant Joseph, Ibiza and the other Sitges, Barcelona. Below is the Barcelona retreat. Set among vineyards and farmland, hides a gorgeous finca surrounded by fruit trees, flowers and cactus. On the grounds are many private spaces to read, write and simply be. The finca is situated 40 minutes from Barcelona airport, 10 minutes from the historical seaside town of Sitges.









What if I’m not spiritual and I’ve never done yoga?

Hatha yoga classes are optional and in groups of 7-10, they are catered for beginners through to advanced, therefore suited to everyone. 

Naturo retreat is not affiliated with any religion nor is it idealising a specific way to live. The term ‘spirituality’ has been exploited through new age movements as something that can be bought. This is not the case, as spirituality is simply a way of being. The meaning of the word yoga is ‘unity’. Yoga unites mind with body and ultimately spirit, which allows your own spiritual development to flow naturally. Yoga can be used as an adaptive  tool to enrich lives with  health and happiness.

How many guests on each retreat?

 To provide undivided attention and an individualized experience, guests numbers don’t exceed 10. We make sure that guests have freedom to be alone if necessary via large relaxation areas and many private spaces.

What happens after the retreat?

You will leave the retreat with a renewed vitality, feeling centred and inspired. You will have a long term Naturopathic treatment plan including a clear strategy to balance your priorities, time and energy when back to daily life. Chloé will contact you between 3-4 weeks after the retreat for a skype consultation to check in  and see how your new skills have been implemented into your everyday reality. In addition to this you will have a 6-month support service to contact one of our Naturopaths via email for wellness advice. 


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