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Private Consultations

Via a thorough analysis of your health, I will help you to achieve your optimum health, and assert your best. This is accomplished through a mix of:

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Private Consultations

Via a thorough analysis of your health, I will help you to achieve your optimum health to be your best. This is accomplished through a mix of:

  1. Identifying and correcting nutritional deficiencies
  2. Lifestyle advice and dietary changes
  3. Herbal and energetic medicine

A Naturopathic consultation is the 'one stop shop' for wellness, healing and disease prevention.

Why book a consultation today?

  • I am an integrative practitioner. This means that I work with the conventional medical system. Naturopathic medicine has its roots in traditions (ancient medicine) but it is mainly evidence based, with advanced scientific research. It is also referred to as functional medicine. It is safe and it works!
  • Naturopathic medicine aims to bring the body back to balance, whilst causing no harm and empowering you with the tools to take full responsibility for your health long term. I aim to get you out of the ‘dis’-ease system and into your own health and wellness.
  • Prevention is better than cure! Lessening your exposure to disease and grasping an understanding of your genetic or habitual predispositions to certain illness, enables you to take control of your health and PREVENT disease.
  • Naturopathic medicine encompasses mind, body and spirit in the treatment of imbalances. It is a holistic practice


Online consultations

See an expert from the convenience of your home, workplace, hotel room or even airport..

I understand the needs of a fast paced world, whereby getting what you need on demand is becoming a necessity. This dynamic change in living also has it's limitations.. Instant gratification and fast food is scarily becoming the norm and through a digitally enhanced world it is becoming easier to unplug from our most basic health and social needs. A skype consultation is the solution to prevent the side effects of today’s fast paced world without impacting or restricting your lifestyle.

Take responsibility for your health today!!!

Initial Consultation

1 hour - £75 / €106 plus treatment

  1. Skype: an in depth discussion over skype. I will discuss your present symptoms and past medical history. I will feedback my Naturopathic understanding of what is going on and discuss appropriate treatment.
  2. The prescription; this may be in the form of dietary and lifestyle advice emailed to you personally. If applicable a prescription of herbal and nutritional medicine is ordered and shipped to you as soon as possible.
N.B If you have an unusually complex case, or you are on a myriad of medications, I may need time to further investigate your pathology and the most effective naturopathic treatment.  In this case, I may ask that you book a standard or mini consultation within a week to receive your personalized treatment. This is patient centered-care, for the most effective treatment available.


  • Please email or scan any photos of recent biochemistry; blood tests, X-rays, urine or stool results such as CDSA.   



Standard Consultation

40 minutes £45 / €63 plus treatment

  1. This follow up consultation checks in with how your treatment is going
  2. Amendments are made to current treatment if necessary.
  3. Analysis of any further health concerns you would like to address and treatment of these is conducted.



Iridology Analysis

30 minutes £43 / €62 

Why have an iris analysis?

The iris is connected to the brain via the optic nerve, through this connection the iris displays the blueprint of our genetic predispositions. Our genetics make up and our energtic make up are effected by our environment, this is called epigenetics.  By understadnig what you are gentically predisposed to aquire. you can control your environment to reduce risk of this illness. 

Through an iridology consultaiton I can tell you which diseases you may be predisposed to. This knowledge will allow you to focus on preventative medicne, to reduce your risk of developing illnesses. 

I will also analyse the general health of your circulatory system, respitarotry system, immune system, digestive system, endocrine system, urinary system, muscular and lymphatic system.  

In a Naturopathic Initial Consutations, I use iridology as a diagnostic tool to support other findings i.e through questioning, blood tests, tongue signs..etc. Iridology is NOT USED ALONE as a diagnostc tool. An Iridology analysis is helpful for preventative health only.

For a consultaiton, please take a clear photo of both irises, preferably outside and submit via e-mail to


Nutritional/Herbal Supplement Review

15 minutes £22 / €31 

This service reviews your current medication and supplements for optimal health and efficacy.

Some people end up on a myriad of supplements that don’t work or they don’t really need. I like to ‘keep it real’ by helping you to get everything you need through your food. Supplements are necessary when there is a deficiency or at times of illness.

Please list or take photos of all current supplements and fill out booking form.


Mini Consultation for Herbal Medicine Re-Prescription / Question and Answer 

10 minutes £5/ €7 

Ask a question and recieve a Naturopathic expert response (via email or 10 mins live chat) - 50 to 150 word response plus links for further information.


How can my Mini Consultations help you today?

Examples of Mini Consultations

In clinic consultations


Find out more about my in clinic consultations, locations and dates available; this is my preferred method for your initial consultation.

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Treatment is in the form of herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, lifestyle advice, dietary advice and energetic medicine.

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